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     Vibrations and Sound therapy in the form of “chanting” have been around since time immemorial. The monks of Katmandu have been chanting for thousands of years; the Christians have been chanting, except they called it “prayer” (which in the last hundred years became known as “Gregorian Chants for Healing”). The native American Indians, the Incas, the Maoris of New Zealand, and just about every ancient civilization used sound therapy through “chanting” in their daily activities.

     The ancient Chamori people of Guahan took the art one step further by correlating the chants with the lunar cycle and the footprints of the stars in the heavens. It is a scientific fact that the lunar cycle with its magnetic lines of force affect the oceans, the tides and thus impacting every living form on planet earth, especially us humans. The Taotaomo’nas or “people from before” understood that living beings emanate a force field, which is cyclically responsive to the lunar fields. The human field differ between males and females. In this regard the ‘chants for men’ differ from the ’chants for women’ and the chants for each of the thirteen months of the lunar calendar differ, as well.

     The Taotaomo’na Chant Line and the Aniti Chant Line are specifically ordained for Physical, Mental and Spiritual healing.

     Si Yu’os Ma’ase’



                                                             NORBERT PEREZ

                                                             Maga’Saina Mataknga



How To Use The Chants….

1. Download the Chant from the web site.

2. Copy the Chant to your computer’s Microsoft Media Player.

3. When you are ready for your Sound Therapy Treatment, you access the chant and activate the repeat button on your Media Player.

4. Turn off everything in the room which can become a distraction.

5. Turn off the lights.

6. Activate the chant in the repeat mode, adjusting the volume to medium loudness.

7. Sit in your favorite easy chair or lie down in a couch or bed.

8. Relax and let the chant filter through your senses.

9. Concentrate on your ailment.

10. Concentrate on the chant.

NOTE:   Repeat the Therapy as often as you can....