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Global Peace Society
1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200

Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813

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Hello friends,
My name is Norbert Perez, president of PUGUA' International Corporation, the parent company for
Pacific Times Magazine, Ms. George Magazine, Kiwi Times New Zealand, China Democrat, Jolita
Amerika, Europa Times and Arabia Times. Grace and I have just registered
the Global Peace Society, a non-profit association based in Hawai'i and
dedicated to disseminating the message of peace, friendship and love among the inhabitants of our world.
Our message is very simple, "Children are not born with prejudice and hatred in their hearts. They learn
it from adults. Let's dedicate the new order to teaching our children about LOVE."

We have created a page in each of our seven regional magazines called: "The Children of the World".
In these pages, we hope to showcase the innocent faces of our children and those wonderful and magical
looks of hope for peace, prosperity and tranquility among the races and the nations of the earth.

Please join us. Become a member of our society. There is no membership dues or membership fees.
It is absolutely FREE. You're probably wondering, "Okay, what's the catch? Nothing is FREE in this
world." Well, aside from filling out our membership application form, we ask you to perform two
simple tasks. These tasks are:
1. We ask you to impose a New Order Resolution to hug a child, any child, everyday and to say,
"I Love You" to that child.
2. We ask that you send us a photo of a child, any child (your son, daughter, nephew, niece, etc.) for us to
highlight in our "Children of the World" pages.

That's it!  That's all that we ask from you and you don't even have to do it because it isn't mandatory.
Grace and I believe that our Global Peace Society will become the command center and the seed
of goodness for the future. It is said that a smile is contagious. Well, so is our message of LOVE.

Thank you very much for your support.

With all our love and prayers,

Grace & Norbert Perez