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Pacific Island News Network
By:  Laila Tovre
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5/25/00 Late Premier's daughter to run.
5/24/00 Olympic torch reaches Palau.
5/16/00 Nurses end strike in Fiji.
5/15/00 Singapore expels wives with HIV.
5/15/00 Tobacco firms call proceedings unfair.
5/15/00 Pictures say a thousand words.
5/14/00 Chamoris not covered under NAGPRA.
5/14/00 The Spiritual Leader of Guahan?
5/14/00 Call it the "Big Lie".
5/11/00 Time Magazine honors HPU Alumnus
5/10/00 Chamori Massage Therapy sweeping America
5/09/00 Royal Princess of Ipao
5/08/00 Princessa No. 1 or Princessa No. 2
5/08/00 Norbert Perez to run for Hawaii Senate
5/07/00 Ancient Chamori Remains on RleneLive
5/07/00 Guam Reunion 2000
5/04/00 Chamori Royal Princess
5/03/00 Chaot case on Federal Appeal
5/01/00 Guam Supreme Court rules on Chaot Bridge case
4/30/2000 Roberta Flack to perform in Hawaii
4/29/00 Lawyers fined for countersuits in Big Isle cop case
4/29/00 Jet fuel discharged into Kaneohe Bay
4/29/00 Queen's hospital to close cardiac rehab unit
4/28/00 Big Island drug raid ends with 32 arrests
4/28/00 EPA to test Saipan water
4/28/00 Merrie Monarch Festival
4/28/00 Nauru to reform banking system
4/27/00 Publisher hospitalized in Colorado
4/27/00 Ancient Chamori Remains & Sacred Artifacts
4/26/00 Pacific Times welcomes new Editor-in-Chief
4/25/00 Medical Marijuana passes Hawaii Legislature
4/24/00 Stop the bombing of FDM
4/24/00 Resettlement of Pagan & the Northern Islands
4/20/00 Women's group calling for death penalty law
4/14/00 Hui Malama Press Release
Foundation files lawsuits in U.S. District Court
New Research Underway In Hawaii
Web-Page-Create Seminars
Chamori-Only Referendum Lectures...CANCELLED
Guest on the Jon Anderson Show K57
Activist Lauds Wall Street Journal Article
Foundation Letters to revise NAGPRA
New Zealand ends use of titles
Rumors of Coup denied
Global Peace Society

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