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Sex         and the

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an article by norbert perez

The ancient people of Guahan a.k.a. 'Hachamoris' or 'Taotaomo'nas'
were a colorful and vibrant lot. They led a difficult and tumultuous
lifestyle yet celebrated their daily existence with a bang. Sex for the ancient
ones was a culmination of the day's rigorous trials and adventures.
Most importantly, it was the highlight of their activities and served to provide
a rational story line to their royal existence.

As the magical sun sets in the Western Hemisphere, the Taotaomo'nas
would gather at the shorelines in preparation for the evening's events.
Family clans would either celebrate individually or with other
clans, depending on the wishes of the participants. The women or matriarchs
controlled the planning and activities for the lavish affairs.

Usually, it was the children or 'famagu'on' and the elders or 'manAmko'
who set the tone for the nightly vigil. Their songs, their chants
and their playful exuberance become the springboard for all activities.
One could hear the 'kulos' moaning and humming from afar; one could
witness the 'tat-tats' and the 'boom-booms' from the wooden drums cascading
the sounds of laughter and merriment. The chirping musicals emanating
from the 'ko'ko', the 'chichirika', the 'sali' and the 'tottot' who,
themselves were pronouncing the celebration of their day.

Each and every clan would begin with a huge bonfire at the center
of their family plot. Old men would sit around the fire telling
stories, legends and myths; some would sing songs and recite chants
of days long gone; some would beat sticks upon sticks, rocks upon rocks,
palms upon dried gourds, and slaps of the hands upon their bodies
...creatively making music.

The women would then proceed with their style of body dancing.
The children around them would emulate their seductive gestures;
while the clan, as a whole would sound out cries of encouragement.
The tempo of the dance would parallel the drumbeats, the kulos,
the moans and the screams of approval. The cycle of ups and downs....
go on and on and on...

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