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Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy

The Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy, known in the islands as: "Hinilos Aniti" is a unique system
that is sweeping the country. Developed by the Ancient Chamoris or Taotaomo'nas over 5000 years
ago, the therapy is a ceremonial ritual using handcrafted wood and lava stone massaging implements and
performed by young Matuas to the sacred cadence of drumbeats and ancient chants.

Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy
Massage Techniques

The ancient Chamori word "hulos" means to rub gently and smoothly in a forward or backward motion.
This technique is specially used for muscle pains and muscle spasms to relief the "puti" or pain in and
around the afflicted area.

Another technique used is the slow circular rubbing motion, specially popular with the Lava Stone Implement.

The ancient Chamoris used specially carved "chopak" wood and specially shaped lava stones as massaging
implements because they understood the natural and spiritual connections, notwithstanding the scientific and
and practical reasons behind their usage.

Lanan Niyok
Special Coconut Oil
Direction and Application

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The Taotaomo'nas developed a type of ointment or oil derived from the coconut fruit, which was used as
a rubbing ointment or and around the afflicted area. It was widely believed that the powers of the
"Lanan Niyok" can cure any type of malady known to man.

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In ancient times, there was always a third person involved with the massage therapy. This person is known
as the applicator "papacha" because he was responsible for applying the ointment or oil on the client's body. They used
a "mecha" or fire torch similar to a candle. The "papacha" would apply the ointment or oil to his palms and
then he would place his palms atop the lighted mecha for a few seconds before applying the medicine on the
afflicted area. The rubbing of the warm ointment or oil was a ritual in itself because a chant was always recited
in the process.

Wood Massaging Implement
Direction and Use

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The wood massaging implement has many usage and purpose, depending on the degree of pain and the client's
desires and wants.

It is normally used as a wedge and is rolled in and around the afflicted area. The "Lalasa" or Massage Technician
would grasp the implement at both ends and roll the instrument in a see-saw motion, applying the degree of
pressure which is acceptable to the client.

Another technique is to place the palm of the hand over the wood implement and to roll the wood gently in and
around the afflicted area keeping the implement between the palm and the client's body area.

Lava Stone Massaging Implement
Direction and Use
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The ancient people knew that the Lava Stone had scientific and practical properties as heat and cold
conductors. They would set the stone on top of a fire to gather the heat before they applied the rock as
a massaging tool or heating pad. In other times, they would soak the stone in the cool river water to gather the
cold and then apply the stone to the afflicted area as an ice pad.

The Lava Stone Implement is always used in a circular motion in and around the afflicted area.
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Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy Kit
1 each Wood "Chopak" Massage Implement
1 each Large Lava Stone Massaging Implement
1 each Small Lava Stone Massaging Implement
1 each Coconut Shell Candle Holder
1 each Traditional Scented Candle
1 each Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy Instruction Sheet
1 each Coconut Weaved Carrying Case