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Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy

The Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy, known in the islands as: "Hinilos Aniti" is a unique system
that is sweeping the country. Developed by the Ancient Chamoris or Taotaomo'nas over 5000 years
ago, the therapy is a ceremonial ritual using handcrafted wood and lava stone massaging implements and
performed by young Matuas to the sacred cadence of drumbeats and ancient chants.

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There is another therapy similar to the one you mention here on your site that is going around in the states.
DO you know if this therapy you talk about is derived from it or vice versa.
I would greatly interested to learn more about this massage you talk about on your site.
Please give me any reference to look for info or could you provide me with more information.
Thank You
Wednesday, May 03, 2000
"John Wertheim"

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Sunday, April 30, 2000

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